Volume Discounts

To start with, we very much value new customers as much as our established accounts and understand that you are looking for an incentive to start doing business with us! Because of this, we offer a first order discount of 5% that gets automatically deducted from your basket once you are ready to complete your purchase.

We also offer a fantastic ranges of discounts for all our customers of up to 20% discount when placing large orders with us. The discounts below will be applied to your order automatically and you can increase your margin by ordering this way quite considerably! We ensure you always get the very best deal we can offer on our vast range of sterling silver jewellery!

£750 - £1499
(excl. vat/tax)
10%Free Shipping to UK & EU
£1500 - £2199
(excl. vat/tax)
15%Free Shipping to UK & EU
£2200 - £3499
(excl. vat/tax)
17%Free Shipping to UK & EU
£3500 +
(excl. vat/tax)
20%Free Shipping to UK & EU